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Friday, January 21, 2005

Roundup of "nanny state" bills

Bills introduced by authoritarian Prince George's County legislators who seem to want to regulate or criminalize everything.

HB 138: Firefighters - Blood Testing - Fowler Act. Requiring firefighters to take a cancer blood test before beginning employment. Comment: Why not also require all candidates for the General Assembly to take such a test so that voters may make an informed decision about whentther the candidates might live to serve out their terms?
HB 168: Natural Resources - Tree Experts - Licensing. Comment: Why not license members of the General Assembly? Many of them seem to be quite ignorant of the both the Federal and State Constitutions.
HB 193: Public Buildings - Security Systems. Requiring security systems in specified public buildings to be kept in good working order and to be used properly . . .
SB57: Vehicle Laws - Provisional Driver's License Restriction for a Minor - Prohibition Against Minors as Passengers. Comment: We would probably save a lot more lives by prohibiting passengers in vehicles operated by individuals who drink alcoholic beverages.
SB105: Security Systems Technicians - Maryland Security Systems Training Board.

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