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Monday, January 10, 2005

Reply PG legislators act to raise taxes

From: ARTEERICK@aol.com
Date: Mon Jan 10, 2005 7:12 am
Subject: Reply PG legislators act to raise taxes

I was trying to stay out of this debate, but the subject line appears to be misleading at best. Therefore, I wanted to suggest to all, to read the facts on what the legislators actually voted on.

In summary:
- they actually voted to remove a 2% tax exemptionthat HMO's (businesses) had been given.
- It is assumed that these HMO's will pass on these 2% tax onto their custumers, but the tax actually is on the HMO's.
- Not all persons who have Health Insurance are under HMO plans
- Many poor people are not covered under HMO's

The Governor wanted to pay for this plan, but taking the money out of the exist Maryland State - Poor Peoples Health Insurance Fund already set aside to pay for their health care.

It has been reported repeated, that most of the persons who voted to remove the exemption on the HMO tax, did not think it was a very good idea to use a one-time tactic to remove $30 million out of the Poor Family Health Care Fund, with no medium or long term way to pay for this legislation.

The links below, may give you more detail of some of the actions taken by the general assembly.

If the comment/question is - did the general assembly raise the taxes on the working poor? Perhaps indirectly, but only if they pay premiums to HMO's. However, that does not address the much larger, more complex and perhaps more costly main issues. Fair Tort Reform, that adequately protects and compensates victims, while ensuring we maintain a high quality pool of doctors, and accessible medical facilities at reasonable cost to all citizens.

Just some thoughts, not a position,
Rick Tyler, does not work for or have any business association with any elected or public official.

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