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Friday, January 28, 2005

PG Nannies: Practice Driving Requirements

HB362: Vehicle Laws - Driver Examination - Practice Driving Requirements

Synopsis: Requiring an individual who holds a learner's instructional driving permit and seeks to take a driver skills or driver road examination to first complete 40 hours of driving practice with a driver education instructor; requiring that at least a specified portion of the practice driving required by the Act occur during nighttime or rush-hour periods or under inclement weather conditions; requiring a skills log to be signed; etc.

Sponsor: Delegate Holmes

Comment: We might do better having a requirement that legislators first complete 40 hours in identifying priorities and finding real solutions to important problems--like the rapidly increasing murder rate. Apparently Del. Holmes. like most of his colleagues, would rather deal with legislating "feel-good" solutions to minor problems (even if they tromp on the liberties of others), while avoiding the most serious problems facing us.

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