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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Reply: Why does the school system have ethics rules?

1. Mr. Andoh is correct. There have been several print, TV and Radio articles published the locally and nationally on this issue. Also published and distributed at least among my network was a multi-level process over and above the board of education already in motion to address these types of issues. However, it appears that some folks may not be aware of this or how the processes work. It appears that some may be those who wrongly "assume" some folks are not concern or do not care.
2. One who attempts to accuse or use the name of an organization or a person, should check their motives, agenda and/or facts, before making interpretations of words based on such associations. One may twist words and use spin to improperly and wrongly assume an opinion or position of an official organization is treading very dangerous waters. This may especially apply if one who makes such a statement does so without discussing the statement directly with the person and/or the organization directly. One could also assume that there is a a lack of concern for the facts, if that is their agenda. However, it is not mine. I have found that such methods usually are not productive or positive. I hope it is not the way the majority desires to resolve such issues if they are true leaders or models for children. If this is the way, we may have issues larger than one listed.

Just a thought,
Rick Tyler


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