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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Post, Questions, Hendershot, ACORN

The Post's Oveta Wiggins leads with "To opponents, Question H on the Prince George's ballot Tuesday could also be called the Hendershot Amendment." She goes on to discuss how PG council member Thomas R. Hendershot could benefit from Question H to amend the PG county charter, and quotes an official of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), which was largely responsible for putting that question on the ballot.

The Wiggins piece completely ignores two points that seem to be relevant.
  • Hendershot's background: He was a very long-time member of the discredited former elected school board--the one that was thought by many to be so bad that reformers, supported by the Post, abolished it. And he lost his license to practice law due to charges that he failed to represent clients diligently and commingled client money with his own.

  • ACORN: According to various press reports over the past week, ACORN is under investigation in several states for voter registration fraud.
Both of these points raise siginificant questions about the honesty of the people behind Question H. Are they worthy of our trust? Why did the Post ignore this information? Is it just sloppy reporting, or is the Post deliberately suppressing information that might lead voters to question the Post's editorial position on the Question H issue?

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