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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hendershot SPAMS voters!

Shown below is a sample of the SPAM e-mails being sent out on behalf of Thomas R. Hendershot in support of Question H.

Note that the sender suggests that if you oppose Question H, you are supporting GANGS. This is a scurrilous misrepresentation, but coming from ethically-challenged, ex-attorney Hendershot, I'm not surprised.

These messages show the return addresses of apparently bogus senders, including:

"PAT LUEDKE" <pluedke@thepoliticalplatform.com> This domain is registered to Electronic Campaign, Inc., Chestertown, MD (which is neither the Alabama contact address in the message, nor the Florida one given on their website.). Clicking on the link in the message takes you to a website named http://www.thecounciliswrong.org/.

"Tom Patel" <tpatel@speedyinn.com> This domain is registered to Empire Communications of Fork River, NJ. Clicking on the link in this message also takes you to http://www.thecounciliswrong.org/.

"COLIN TAYLOR" <ctaylor@vivaciousdirective.com> This domain is also registered to Empire Communications of Fork River, NJ. Clicking on the link in this message takes you to http://www.thecounciliswrong.org/.

There is no contact information in any of the messages, or on the webites, for the alleged treasurer, Carol White.

On their face, all three would seem to be in violation of both the federal can-SPAM act and the new Maryland anti-APAM law.

Begin sample message:
A Message from Councilman Tom Hendershot

Our schools are under funded and overcrowded. We need more police officers on the street. Our hospital system needs help.

The County Councils gang of six delayed efforts to fund Prince Georges Hospital, and it voted down the school systems plan to relieve overcrowding. They've been motivated by politics, not your interests, and have acted to assert their own political power, at the expense of the public interest. They've even proposed measures to confuse voters.

Help change this by voting FOR QUESTION H. It will add at-large representation FOR you and provide elected leadership accountable to you. It will decrease the GANGS influence. Join 23,000 people who signed petitions seeking a greater voice in our government.

Voting FOR Question H a vote for education.

Voting FOR Question H a vote for health care.

Voting AGAINST Questions F, G and I votes against the gangs efforts to confuse.

Tell the Gang of Six For - Get It.

Learn more below

By the Authority of Carol White Treasurer

If you are not interested in being updated on county issues write:
abuse@thepoliticalplatform.com or write to:

4319 Atlanta Highway,175 Montgomery, AL 36109
Update: Councilman Dernoga reports that Carol White <cwhite@co.pg.md.us> is Hendershot's legislative aide

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