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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Baltimore Sun attacks high level African-American politician

As I read the Sun's September 2 editorial attack on our African-American lieutenant governor (Michael Steele), I didn't think it was quite racist, but it certainly seemed to support (unintentionally, I'm sure) Gov. Ehrlich's earlier remarks.

Baltimore's virtually all-Democrat government--both Democrat elected officials and Democrat-appointed patronage school board--has given the city of Baltimore a horrifying crime rate where African-Americans are murdered willy-nilly. And the incompetent, corrupt schools fail to educate African-American children and cannot begin to account for wasting the tremendous increases in funding that were supposed to pay for educating those children.

You might think a responsible newspaper would work to hold local officials responsible for their continuing failures. Not so, the Sun! Their editorial emphasis, and their increasingly biased news reporting, seem aimed at blaming Republicans for non-Baltimore problems, thus directing voters attention away from how badly Baltimore's Democratic politicians are failing their African-American constituents.

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