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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Recent Prince George's County News (31 Oct 2009)

  • TruthInReporting: Post drops PG news on Thursdays.. only real local news about PG was reprint of Gazette articles http://bit.ly/MAlsN 
  • Laurel Leader: Newcomers, incumbents lining up for 2010 races (McDaniel 4 Del-21, contenders 4 Council-1; Dernoga 4 SA) http://bit.ly/4NC05 
  • POST: Justice institute to study Pr. George's jail; Agency beset by troubles; Better management and oversight sought http://bit.ly/3iAP6T 
  • rt @JimmyMarcos I would like to thank everyone who has supported me. Thanks to people of Bowie for a chance to serve you for another term! 
  • rt @ABC7News PG Maryland Jail Partners With Firm to Improve Oversight http://clkurl.com/?tw674071 
  • rt @DCAbloob RT @wusa9: PG Police Seek Help In Shooting Investigation : http://bit.ly/NQUIT 

    (Posted 31 Oct 2009)
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    Friday, October 30, 2009

    Recent Prince George's County News (30 Oct 2009)

      (Posted 30 Oct 2009)
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      Thursday, October 29, 2009

      Recent Prince George's County News (29 Oct 2009)

      • PG-Politics list of 2010 Candidates updated

      • GAZETTE: Don't simply attack leaders — attack challenges (Letter from Del. Gerron Levi) http://bit.ly/3P8ohn 
      • GAZETTE: Change leaders, not the leaf bagging program (Letter) http://bit.ly/3VwpWx 
      • rt @wbjsarah Prince George's County development incentives cause stir over Dept. of Health and Human Services bid: http://bit.ly/3q7RAl 
      • GAZETTE: Hyattsville bank robbed (BB&T), employee suffers injuries; ‘Undetermined amount of money' stolen http://bit.ly/1VjO3F 
      • GAZETTE: ‘We just don't want them in our backyards'; Proposed extension of Fort Washington trail has residents at odds http://bit.ly/Cvn0O 
      • GAZETTE: Trial postponed in kidnap of county family; time needed to prove trauma from Va. Tech shootings prompted crime http://bit.ly/ql4lq 
      • GAZETTE: Counseling service victim of state cuts; District Heights program helps troubled youths, families http://bit.ly/uliSM 
      • GAZETTE: Councilman Dernoga objects to ICC plans; Impact on streams will be less than expected, state officials say http://bit.ly/2BUKMx 
      • GAZETTE: Hite mulls options about enrollment; Parents' requests varied by school at boundary review meeting http://bit.ly/rg3hK 
      • GAZETTE: Office space proposed as use for closed schools; Staff could be relocated from two facilities nearing end .. http://bit.ly/2svvlg 
      • POST: Pr. George's may help developers lure HHS; After Johnson pushes plan favoring one site, rival wants same aid http://bit.ly/2EiijN 
      • POST: Largo man [Weldon Gordon, 31] charged with killing witness in federal drug case "potential death sentence" http://bit.ly/1aoatp 
      • Las Cruces Sun-News: Las Cruces library head Kathleen Teaze to head Prince George's County Memorial Library System http://bit.ly/4u1Tzr 

        (Posted 29 Oct 2009)
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        Recent Prince George's County Crime Reports (29 Oct 2009)

        Washington Post (County police reports, generally for October 12-16, and several municipal police reports which may cover earlier and later dates)

        Gazette (October 19-25) (List of 2009 murders, last update May 7, 2009)

        Police Press Releases (October 19-25) Crime mapping
        Sheriff's News Releases (None posted since 7 Aug 2009)

        (Posted 4 Nov 2009)
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        Wednesday, October 28, 2009

        Recent Prince George's County News (28 Oct 2009)

        Recent Candidate Filings

          (Posted 28 Oct 2009)
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          Tuesday, October 27, 2009

          Recent Prince George's County News (27 Oct 2009)

          • GAZETTE: Open meeting squabble in PG leads to new policy; Elections admin. won't attend closed-door meetings with del. http://bit.ly/4l2q9t 
          • EXAMINER: Gangs flee N.Va.for havens in Md., D.C., report says http://bit.ly/yct1e 
          • POST: Pilot error deemed responsible for 2008 MD state police helicopter crash Walker Mill Park, District Heights http://bit.ly/3ukJXZ 
          • POST: Redskins ban signs at FedEx Field http://bit.ly/jzIM6 
          • rt @DCAbloob Prince George's County police officers helped enforce Dan Snyder's free speech crackdown. - WashPost: http://j.mp/jzIM6 
          • rt @DCAbloob Prince George's police officers are agents of the government, it is unconstitutional for them to squelch free speech 
          • POST: Woman held during home-invasion robbery in Oxon Hill, police say http://bit.ly/3O9Tme 

              (Posted 27 Oct 2009)
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              Monday, October 26, 2009

              Recent Prince George's County News (26 Oct 2009)

                (Posted 26 Oct 2009)
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                Sunday, October 25, 2009

                Recent Prince George's County News (23-25 Oct 2009)

                Recent Candidate Filings

                  (Posted 25 Oct 2009, updated 15 Nov 2009)
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                  Saturday, October 24, 2009

                  Finally, repeat offender gets 23 years in armed carjacking

                  Man gets 23 years in armed carjacking
                  Pr. George's offender, acquitted in 2 slayings, awaits trial in a third

                  By Ruben Castaneda
                  Washington Post Staff Writer
                  Saturday, October 24, 2009

                  A 20-year-old Landover man who in recent years has been acquitted of two slayings -- and is awaiting trial in a third homicide -- was sentenced by a Prince George's County judge Friday to 23 years in prison for an armed carjacking.

                  Circuit Court Judge Beverly J. Woodard imposed the sentence, which is more than double the amount of time recommended by advisory state sentencing guidelines, on Jacob L. Brooks, who turned 20 this week.

                  During a sentencing hearing in the Upper Marlboro courthouse, Assistant State's Attorney Joseph C. Ruddy urged Woodard to send Brooks to prison for the maximum amount of time allowable under the law -- 33 years.

                  Ruddy recounted a slew of charges Brooks has faced during the past 18 months that for various reasons were dropped: attempted murder, assault and handgun violations. In addition, Ruddy said, Brooks is charged with two assaults in the county jail, one on a guard and one on an inmate.

                  "He is beyond rehabilitation," Ruddy said. "He is a danger inside the prison system and outside."

                  Brooks's attorney, Assistant Public Defender Janet Callis, asked for a sentence within the sentencing guidelines, which recommend a term of five to 10 years for the offenses of which Brooks was convicted: carjacking, auto theft and a handgun violation.

                  Callis said Woodard should not consider arrests that did not lead to convictions, and she called Brooks a "minor offender."

                  "A minor offender. Really?" Woodard said.

                  "Yes," Callis replied.

                  Given a chance to speak, Brooks said he apologized to carjacking victim Sylvia Alexander, "but I ain't never had anything to do with a carjacking."

                  "I ain't a bad guy, for real," Brooks said. "I'd appreciate it if you'd sentence me within the guidelines."

                  Woodard said she understood that Brooks said he has often been unjustly accused, but that "there's no way he's a minor offender.

                  "It's a continuum that can't be ignored, and I'm not going to ignore it," she said.

                  Brooks was convicted of carjacking Alexander at gunpoint on Nov. 7, 2008, in Landover. County police quickly spotted the stolen Pontiac Grand Prix and chased it. Before he was caught, Brooks was seen trying to hide something under the front of the car. Police found a 9mm Ruger semiautomatic pistol there, according to police charging documents.

                  A firearms test showed the shell casings from the Ruger matched those used in a killing four days before the carjacking, according to police documents. The victim, Daryl T. Clark, 36, was fatally shot while walking the family dog in Landover, and Brooks was charged with murder. The trial is scheduled for Nov. 16.

                  Eight months before the carjacking and the Clark slaying, Circuit Court Judge Sheila R. Tillerson-Adams granted a motion by Brooks's attorney to cut short a five-year sentence he was serving.

                  In 2007, a county jury acquitted Brooks of first-degree murder and other charges in the 2005 slaying of Lakita Danielle Tolson, 19, outside a Temple Hills nightclub. Brooks was accused of providing the handgun to the shooter. Brooks entered Alford pleas to two counts of second-degree assault, which meant he acknowledged that the state had enough evidence for a conviction. In March 2008, Tillerson-Adams reduced Brooks's sentence to time served.

                  Also in 2007, Brooks was acquitted in the 2006 slaying of a longtime friend, Eric S. Holland, 18, in 2006. Prosecutors accused Brooks of killing Holland because he thought Holland was cooperating with police on the nightclub shooting.

                  (Posted 24 Oct 2009)
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                  Thursday, October 22, 2009

                  Recent Prince George's County News (22 Oct 2009)

                    (Posted 22 Oct 2009)
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                    Wednesday, October 21, 2009

                    Recent Prince George's County News (21 Oct 2009)

                    • GAZETTE: Hite asked to transfer students to underenrolled schools — or not at all http://bit.ly/4zeMmx 
                    • GAZETTE: No one injured in Seat Pleasant armed home invasion; Cash, phones, laptop stolen, police search for 2 suspects http://bit.ly/4nteZ8 
                    • POST: Gas station worker shot during robbery in Md. http://bit.ly/3d71j3 
                    • GAZETTE: Cheverly gas station worker shot in robbery this morning Man, 45, suffers non-life-threatening injuries http://bit.ly/vSsS 
                    • RT @justinready More whining from O'M: Now he thinks admin. of schools aren't sacrificing enough because..."they make more (than he does)" 
                    • RT @ABC7News PG Family Traumatized by Home Invasion : http://clkurl.com/?tw670700
                    • RT @DCAbloob okay, I'm sorry.... I just can't read the Washington Post print edition anymore.... the new redesign repels my eyes... 
                    • RT @marylandmoment First Click -- MD: Your daily download of MD's top political news and analysis Wed, Oct 2, 2009 .. http://bit.ly/44yGmB a
                    • PGPolice: Departmental Shooting on Baltimore Avenue at 7-11 (8600 block) http://bit.ly/AYzDd 
                    • PGPolice: Departmental Shooting/Suspect Shot after Attempt Armed Robbery of Armored Truck (Wash. Adventist Hosp.) http://bit.ly/3VToNf 
                    • PGPolice: Departmental Shooting/Suspects Shot after Dragging Officer (7300 Baltimore Ave.) http://bit.ly/4ej3QJ 
                    • MDPolWatch: Embattled Sen. Currie Back on the Fundraising Circuit "Is that good or bad for Democrats?" http://bit.ly/1abWAl 
                    • RT @wusa9 Police Searching For Three Home Invasion Suspects; family recovering while PG Police search .. Daimler Drive.. http://bit.ly/toY8p

                      (Posted 21 Oct 2009)
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                      Tuesday, October 20, 2009

                      Recent Prince George's County News (20 Oct 2009)

                      (Posted 20 Oct 2009)
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                      Monday, October 19, 2009

                      Recent Prince George's County News (19 Oct 2009)

                      • SUN: P.G.'s Revenue Authority to set out speed cameras; Council signals money considerations come before safety http://bit.ly/tsZPM 
                      • POST: Agitated man in Pr. George's killed in 3rd police shooting (in 3 days) http://bit.ly/JCIsc 
                      • PG_Discussion: FW  Free Web-Presence for Campaigns: The proprietor Mr. Shukoor Ahmed's response, to earlier question.. http://bit.ly/M5Gl3 
                      • RT @marylandmoment First Click-MD: Your daily download of Maryland's top political news and analysis Mon, Oct 19, 2.. http://bit.ly/lMTHY 
                      • RT @justinready One need only call PG Co Election Bd with simple request 2 see the devestating effect a 40 yr Dem monopoly has on govt svcs 

                      (Posted 19 Oct 2009)
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                      Sunday, October 18, 2009

                      Recent Prince George's County News (17 & 18 Oct 2009)

                      (Posted 18 Oct 2009)
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                      Friday, October 16, 2009

                      Recent Prince George's County News (16 Oct 2009)

                        (Posted 16 Oct 2009)
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                        Thursday, October 15, 2009

                        Recent Prince George's County News (15 Oct 2009)

                          (Posted 15 Oct 2009)

                          Wednesday, October 14, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (14 Oct 2009)

                          • Daily Record: All Md. state's attorneys subpoenaed in capital case http://bit.ly/3P9A0e 
                          • RT @wusa9 Caught On Radar: PG School Zone Speeding Where Cameras Proposed : proposal calls for issuing $40 citations .. http://bit.ly/Gpv3q 
                          • RT @radleybalko On WBAL radio today at 5:05pm to talk about P.G. County, Maryland Michael Jackson. Listen: http://www.wbal.com/
                          • RT @CNSmd Metro DC governments worry that Sen. Ben Cardin's Chesapeake Bay bill sets them up for failure: http://bit.ly/3Us76 
                          • RT @marylandmoment Is Your Lawmaker Giving Back State Pay?: Six weeks after leaders of MD's Sen. and House of Del. as.. http://bit.ly/2dni0V 
                          • RT @Hogan4Maryland Everywhere I go, there's strong, anti-incumbent fervor sweeping MD. People are tired of O'M's broken promises & irrespo..
                          • POST: Last 2 Sentenced in Kidnapping .. and near-killing of a Laurel businessman last year. http://bit.ly/JnVBF 
                          • POST: Woman Sentenced to 13 Years For Leaving Newborn Girl to Die http://bit.ly/16YcCx 
                          • GAZETTE: Cavey, Scott seek to lead state GOP [Audrey Scott, former councilwoman and county exec. cand. from Bowie] http://bit.ly/18SWKu 
                          • GAZETTE: Prince George's lobbyist [Jacobs] pleads guilty to driving under the influence [long history of violations] http://bit.ly/QNWXB 
                          • RT @ABC7News PG .. Speed Cameras; ".. more money for the wrong people to spend on the wrong things, said Jame.." http://clkurl.com/?tw668318 
                          • RT @ABC7News PG County to Get Speed Cameras; ".. initial plan is to add at least 50 speed cameras .." http://clkurl.com/?tw668318 
                          (Posted 14 Oct 2009)

                          Tuesday, October 13, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (13 Oct 2009)

                          Public Safety

                          (Posted 13 Oct 2009)

                          Fwd: FAILING HIS WAY TO HIGHER OFFICE

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                          Subject: [PrinceGeorges_Discussion] FAILING HIS WAY TO HIGHER OFFICE
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                          Reason Magazine

                          Failing His Way to Higher Office

                          Bumbling Prince George's County, Maryland Sheriff Michael Jackson wants a promotion.

                          | October 12, 2009

                          Last month, a jury in Prince George's County, Maryland awarded Kimberly Jones $260,000 in a civil rights suit. In 2006, sheriff's deputies from the county had forced their way into Jones' home, blasted her with pepper spray, beat her with batons, punched her in the face, then arrested her for assaulting a police officer. Though the charge resulted in Jones being fired from her job at a shelter for homeless children, it was later dropped. Reason? The cops had the wrong house.

                          In the ensuing civil case, the jury determined that the deputies were well within the protocols of the Prince George's County Sheriff's Department. It was the department's guidelines that the jury found unconstitutional.

                          Now the man who has overseen and implemented that policy for the last seven years, Prince George's County Sheriff Michael Jackson, wants a promotion to political office. He's running to become the chief executive for Prince George's County.

                          Police misconduct in Prince George's County has made national headlines for 25 years. The Washington Post reported back in 2006 that from 2000 to 2006 the county of about 800,000 residents paid out $16.3 million in police misconduct settlements and lawsuit awards. Jackson, who took office in 2002, can't be blamed for a legacy that extends back to the 1980s and also includes the troubled history of the county's separate police department. But Jackson hasn't done much to diminish the bad reputation, either.

                          A year after the wrong-door assault on Jones, Jackson's deputies conducted another botched raid, this time on Accokeek couple Pam and Frank Myers. The two were home watching TV when the deputies came into their home and held them at gunpoint. The police were looking for a man wanted on drugs and weapons charges. They had the wrong house. The correct house was clearly marked, two doors down. During the raid, one of the deputies went out into the Myers' backyard, despite warnings from the couple that their five-year-old boxer Pearl was outside. The raid team shot Pearl dead. According to the Myers', the deputies left without even an apology.
                          Jackson's department is also facing a lawsuit stemming from a May 2007 warrantless raid on the home of Upper Marlboro resident Amber James. They were looking for James' sister, who didn't live at the house. According to the lawsuit, the deputies told James they'd be back the next day, and when they returned, they'd kill her dog.

                          In 2008, Jackson's department made international news when deputies raided the home of Berwyn Heights Mayor Cheye Calvo. The police had intercepted a package of marijuana addressed to Calvo's home. When Calvo's mother-in-law brought the package into the house, Sheriff Jackson's SWAT team pounced, sending heavily-armed agents into Calvo's home, where they shot and killed his two black labs, then detained Calvo and his mother in law in handcuffs for several hours. Calvo and his family were later cleared of any wrongdoing. The package was part of a drug distribution scheme that included accomplices working for shipping companies.

                          As noted above, the mistaken raid on Calvo's home wasn't an isolated mistake. It was also completely avoidable. Jackson's deputies didn't bother contacting the local Berwyn Heights police chief, who would have notified them that they were about to raid the town's mayor—who, by the way, wasn't a drug dealer. They also failed to consult other police agencies in the area, who could have informed them of an ongoing investigation into a drug distribution scheme in which drug dealers' accomplices working for shipping companies intercepted drug packages before they were delivered to addresses picked at random.

                          In his dogged efforts to determine the extent to which these sorts of tactics are used, Mayor Calvo has since found that aggressive SWAT raids are the preferred method of serving warrants in Prince George's County, not a tactic of last resort. The killing of dogs in the course of these raids is nearly an unspoken policy. As Calvo wrote in a recent Washington Post op-ed, "In the words of Prince George's County Sheriff Michael Jackson, whose deputies carried out the [raid on Calvo's home], 'the guys did what they were supposed to do'—acknowledging, almost as an afterthought, that terrorizing innocent citizens in Prince George's is standard fare." (Jackson's office did not return calls requesting an interview for this article.)

                          In the days after the raid, Prince George's police first claimed to have a no-knock search warrant, then acknowledged that they didn't, but claimed—falsely—that Maryland has no law requiring such a warrant (the state legislature passed a no-knock law in 2005). Incredibly, Jackson's deputies and his department weren't even aware of their own state's laws governing the service of search warrants.

                          Months later, Jackson's department released a report claiming that Calvo's dogs "engaged" the raiding officers, therefore justifying the shootings. But according to Calvo, the report is inconsistent with the layout of Calvo's home, and misstates the positions of the dogs' bodies. Calvo has asked Jackson to release the details of report, including photos of the slain dogs, but Jackson has refused.

                          When Jackson's department then released a more thorough review of the entire raid almost a year later, investigators found, unsurprisingly, that their fellow deputies did nothing wrong. At an accompanying press conference, Jackson was downright callous. He commended his deputies, stating that "My deputies did their job to the fullest extent of their abilities." In deflecting blame from his own department Jackson added, "I'm sorry for the loss of [the Calvos'] family pets. But this is the unfortunate result of the scourge of drugs in our community... In the sense that we kept these drugs from reaching our streets, this operation was a success."
                          Of course, the drugs were kept from "reaching the streets" the moment the package was intercepted by police at the shipping warehouse. Everything after that—the overly aggressive tactics, the failure to notify local authorities, the slaying of two harmless family pets, the failure to conduct the slightest bit of investigation into who might live at the residence, and the sending of a heavily armed police squad into an innocent family's home—was the result of bad decisions and bad policy. Instead of admitting to those mistakes, Jackson has taken the position that everything was done correctly and that because of the "scourge of drugs," the terrifying result—as a matter of policy—was perfectly acceptable.

                          Recently, conservative commentator Armstrong Williams hosted a fundraiser for Jackson's budding political career at Armstrong's home on Capitol Hill. Williams told The Washington Times he supports Jackson because, "I truly believe in [Jackson's] cause. We are gun-toting, God-fearing folks, and we believe in law enforcement and support law enforcement."

                          It's good to know that Jackson supports the Second Amendment, but Jackson's belief in the aggressive service of drug warrants for nonviolent offenders sounds like a recipe for disaster if inflicted on armed citizens. It certainly would have been for Calvo, who has said his first thought during the raid was that his home was being invaded by criminals. Calvo declined to comment on Jackson's political ambitions. But when I asked him last year what would have happened if he'd had a gun in his home for self-defense at the time of the raid, his answer was chilling. It was also probably correct.
                          "I'd be dead," he said.

                          Jackson now wants to bring his misguided sense of proportion, priorities, and accountabilty to higher office, where he'll be making policy on a wide range of issues for a large county just outside of Washington, D.C.

                          Here's hoping the Prince George's electorate shows better judgment.

                          Radley Balko is a senior editor at Reason magazine.

                          Monday, October 12, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (12 Oct 2009)

                          • POST: PG Lobbyist On Trial on DUI Charges; Jacobs Has History of Traffic Violations (husband of school board chair) http://bit.ly/1nSWfT
                          • RT @marylandmoment ACLU Goes After MNCPPC Speech Limits in Montgomery, Prince George's: The ACLU on Monday demanded.. http://bit.ly/CgfjQ 
                          Public Safety

                          (Posted 12 Oct 2009)

                          Sunday, October 11, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (10 & 11 Oct 2009)

                          • POST: Md. Man [Ernest K. Bell] Charged in Fatal Stabbing of Son [Keith Aaron Bell, in Chillum] http://bit.ly/1Bzvr4 
                          • POST: A Call for Clergy to Spotlight Domestic Abuse; It seemed like a no-brainer to Glenn F. Ivey .. http://bit.ly/cOHL8 
                          • ACTION LANGLEY PARK 9 October 2009 You’re on one of 18 ALP email li.. http://bit.ly/Ep8Tc 
                          • Croom Station Signal (Mike Hethmon): Killer Drunk's Friend in Annapolis - Vallario Who Else? http://bit.ly/RCqn5 
                          • PR-USA.net (press release): National Harbor Receives Mid-Atlantic Condominium Industry Award http://bit.ly/1WPYta 

                          (Posted 11 Oct 2009)

                          Friday, October 09, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (9 Oct 2009)

                          Public Safety
                          • GAZETTE: Greenbelt man sentenced to over 6 years in prison [on firearms charges, repeat offender, Federal, not PG court] http://bit.ly/W9fqv 
                          • POST: Man Charged in Stacey Seaton Murder Held Without Bond http://bit.ly/17Uews 
                          • POST: Man Charged In '05 Slaying Of Pregnant Teen (Stacey Seaton) in Md. http://bit.ly/300wh 
                          • EXAMINER: Pr. George's cop botches Miranda rights in double murder, judge says http://bit.ly/UH6BU 
                          • GAZETTE: Maryland citizens fight back [against Del. Ben Barnes' attacks] (Letter from "Help Save Maryland") http://bit.ly/4cmoRt 
                          • GAZETTE: Lollar eyes Hoyer's seat; Former Marine vows to limit government spending, reduce taxes http://bit.ly/kCIsp 

                          (Posted 9 Oct 2009)

                          Thursday, October 08, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (8 Oct 2009)

                          Public Safety
                          • RT @MegMcKeever Moving to a new desk today. It's official. I'll be covering education from this point forward :) Follow me @PGeducation 
                          • RT @PGEducation Board seeks $108 million for construction http://bit.ly/3htOKJ 
                          • GAZETTE: PG school board seeks $108 million for construction; Building plans delayed, expect less than $67 million  http://bit.ly/X0aaj 
                          • RT @marylandmoment Audrey Scott Vying for Md. GOP Chair : Scott, of Bowie & a member of former governor Ehrlich's Cab.. http://bit.ly/abnYM 
                          • GAZETTE: Taking on Help Save Maryland [Letter from Del. Ben Barnes' attacking his critics] http://bit.ly/2cflwt 
                          • GAZETTE: Westphalia developer moving forward with building plans; District Council approves public works clarification http://bit.ly/1RnknA 
                          • GAZETTE: Council discussing shift in zoning power; would allow municipalities to bypass county leaders on some deci .. http://bit.ly/3oHzac 
                          • GAZETTE: Officials stay mum on layoff details; About 50 county employees lost jobs, departmental impacts remain unknown http://bit.ly/J48E3 

                          (Posted 8 Oct 2009)

                          Wednesday, October 07, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (7 Oct 2009)

                          (Posted 7 Oct 2009)

                          Tuesday, October 06, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (6 Oct 2009)

                          Public Safety

                          (Posted 6 Oct 2009)

                          Monday, October 05, 2009

                          Recent Prince George's County News (4 & 5 Oct 2009)

                          Public Safety
                          Politics, Election

                          (Posted 5 Oct 2009)

                          Sheriff Michael Jackson gains support of right-wing writer and radio host Armstrong Williams

                          Washington Times, 1 Oct 2009

                          Syndicated radio host Armstrong Williams threw open the doors of his Capitol Hill home Wednesday night to host a party for Michael Jackson. No, wait. Not that Michael Jackson.

                          "We're talking Prince George's County Sheriff Michael Jackson. He's running for county executive, and I truly believe in his cause. We are gun-toting, God-fearing folks, and we believe in law enforcement and support law enforcement. We all need to stay connected here," Mr. Williams tells Inside the Beltway.

                          Among the attendees of the soiree to honor the candidate, who is a Democrat and retired Marine: R&B artist Ginuwine, business consultant Marty Bender and sports entrepreneur Rock Newman.

                          "A good time to had by all? Of course, you bet," Mr. Williams adds. "Now we're looking toward the campaign trail."