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Monday, October 29, 2007

Thornton--the "education" funding scam (Was Re: Response to "PG Taxers: Sponsors of bills to increase taxes (2007 regular session))

(Posted 29 Oct 2007)
We are being told that "education" will suffer if O'Malley does not get his massive new taxes and slots.

The people who run and operate our failing schools insist that we give them more money, as do the many people who would personally benefit financially from the increased tax and slots revenues.

But those "educational" special interest groups won't make any promises, or even tell us what improved results we might expect if they take our money.

There is no accountability. The special interests oppose or ridicule attempts to impose real accountability, such as pay for performance, or dismissal of educators who fail to produce real improvement with the added funds. And most of the press is on on the scam.

The Examiner ran several pieces in September on the Thornton and "Bridge to Excellence" scam, but nobody else picked it up. And nobody seems willing to address where the money goes or what it actually buys. Wherever it has gone, and whatever it has bought, it has not brought improved educational results.

Looking at this history of this scam, there is no rational reason--only lies and emotions--to believe that giving O'Malley his hundreds of millions of dollar in additional taxes and gambling revenues will result in any improvement whatsoever in the education of our children.

Advocates: $500M in Thornton funds misspent
Baltimore Examiner, 17 Sep 2007 ( Volkmann).

$3.5 billion down the hole.
Baltimore Examiner, 18 Sep 2007 (Editorial) .

City's test scores remain flat despite Thornton school funds
Baltimore Examiner, 19 Sep 2007 (Rowley)

County mum on Thornton spending

Baltimore Examiner, 19 Sep 2007 (Rowley)
Baltimore County Public Schools officials have yet to comment on reports that the Thornton funds — intended to enhance student performance — were steered into other expenses such as teacher salaries.

From fiscal 2002 to 2008, the county received an additional $220.6 million in Thornton funding for the same time frame, according to a state legislative report.

Yet regardless of increased millions of dollars poured in school coffers, student performance in standardized math and reading tests has dropped. . . .
Scores fail cost effectiveness test
DC Examiner, 26 Sep 2007 (Editorial).

Why spend more on failed Thornton investment?

DC Examiner, 27 Sep 2007 (Editorial) .

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